Suspend/Resume oversight wrt GSM handling

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Wed May 14 20:37:52 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Perhaps I'm wrong, and a solution is already being worked somewhere --
| but it seems that there remains a potentially-serious oversight with
| regard to the handling of the GSM during suspend/resume.
| The vision (as expressed in the wiki and other places) is that the GSM
| will be forcibly flow-controlled during suspend.  This will result in
| the GSM causing an interrupt on one of the GPIO lines when it has data
| to send.  The interrupt will wake the host CPU, and everything Just
| Works(tm).
| The missing part is that the current kernel lacks a means to ensure that
| the GSM is forcibly flow-controlled while suspended.


| I have a multi-faceted solution for this coded and working on the GTA01
| with the current gpsd.  Extending it to work with Qtopia seems easy, as
| soon as I can get a current Qtopia image to build for me.  But I do not
| wish to re-invent the wheel if this is not of interest currently, or if
| OM has another project working on a solution!  :)  So let me know if
| this is something we should discuss, or if I should just wait for the
| "blessed" solution!

Wah I dread to hear why such a low level issue has to take care about if
we are running Qtopia or not.

By all means send out a patch on the list and it will be read by at
least one pair of interested eyes.

- -Andy
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