Audio Resume Issue, Originally reported with pulse

Graeme Gregory graeme at
Fri May 16 18:00:59 CEST 2008

I spent this afternoon debugging the audio resume problem that was seen
in pulse and I can confirm it is a bug.

iiscon = readl(s3c24xx_i2s.regs + S3C2410_IISCON);

in function s3c24xx_snd_lrsync always returns 0x0F and function is
waiting for 0x10F to start sound. This would normally indicate that
the L/R clock isnt functioning.

But if you change this function to just return 0 then audio will
restart after resume showing L/R clock is in fact running.

So it seems reading the register gets stuck, I dont know why. I also
don't know if this function is needed, I inherited it need to do
a whole lot of left only sample tests to tell if samsung hardware is
really broken.


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