Some question about the first-stage for kboot

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
|  wrote by werner:
|     I'd recommend storing the first-stage loader in the first NAND erase
|     page (128kB), and the kboot system in the following pages. That way,
|     the kboot system can be replaced without changing the first-stage
| loader,
|     and vice versa.
| i think the first-stage for kboot needs :
|     /u-boot/cpu/arm920t/start.S
|     /u-boot/board/neo1973/common/lowlevel_init.S
|     /u-boot/cpu/arm920t/s3c24x0/nand_read.c
| if we just need the three files.
| i want to know how to build a first-stage  bin file.
| and i don't want build it in the u-boot project.
| there are too many code and file in u-boot that we don't need.
| i want create a new project about first-stage.
| give me some advice.

If I was doing this, I would think about two ways

~ - reduce the U-Boot configure to this minimum, then delete all sources
~ not compiled from U-Boot tree, clean down the Makefile, until you can
have the minimum needed

~ - capture the existing U-Boot build actions into a script, ie, watch
the gcc command lines used and copy the ones for the files you are
interested in.  Simulate just running those with your script.

- -Andy

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