u-boot-openmoko 1.3.3 (unofficial package) - testers wanted

xiangfu xiangfu at openmoko.org
Tue May 20 10:24:27 CEST 2008

Hi Mike :
thanks for you reply
but when i execute follow command.
    xiangfu at xiangfu-laptop:~/openmoko/build$ bitbake -c clean u-boot 
    ERROR: Unable to open conf/bitbake.conf

are there something wrong.i try to google the error but i can not find it .

i am try to download the mokomakefile and do it again.

Mike Montour wrote:
> To reduce the configuration options I think you would edit the files 
> "include/configs/neo1973_gta0[12].h" but I have never tried to do this.
> To find un-needed source files you can do something like this 
> (assuming you have your build environment set up already, for example 
> using MokoMakefile):
> cd $OMDIR/build
> . ../setup-env
> bitbake -c clean u-boot openmoko
> bitbake -c patch u-boot-openmoko
> touch /tmp/NOW
> bitbake u-boot-openmoko
> find 
> tmp/work/arm4t-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/u-boot-openmoko-1.3.4pre+svnr4297+git20080520-r0/git/ 
> -not -anewer /tmp/NOW > /tmp/unused_files
> The last command will find all of the files in the u-boot source tree 
> that were not accessed when the package was compiled. You will need to 
> change the directory path to match the version of u-boot that you are 
> building. Also make sure that your filesystem is not mounted with the 
> 'noatime' option.

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