my work about KBOOT

xiangfu xiangfu at
Fri May 23 15:43:31 CEST 2008

At first I had a plan:
    i start with a NAND loader
    1.     create a stage1 loader for KBOOT base on the UBOOT.
    2.     Try to build the KBOOT for NEO.

UBOOT very complicated for me.
(because the whole concept is new for me so i really read some books)
I learned more knowledge about the UBOOT. then I found should edit the 
config.h(maybe ) instead create a STAGE1 project.

so i change the plan:
    Plan to  start use the UBOOT to boot the KBOOT.
    that mean i must build a KBOOT that NEO can use.
if finish this job, i think i finish 70% job of USE KBOOT. than we can 
reduce the UBOOT and make KBOOT better work on NEO.
so i read some book like
<LINUX KERNEL IN A NUTSHELL> a desktop quick reference write by Greg 

Today i build a kernel
i download it to GTA02 but it is not work. i base on the 2.6.22 kernel 
config file
i will try my best.

if someone have some ideas please  Email to me. it is really can help 
me. thanks

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