Freerunner sometimes doesn't wake up (was: Re: power management regressing?)

Michael Shiloh michael at
Sun May 25 09:01:51 CEST 2008

matt_hsu wrote:
> 於 五,2008-05-23 於 01:38 -0700,Sean McNeil 提到:
>> It seems power management is much worse this week than last.

>> 5) Sometimes doesn't wake up at all and I have to pull USB and battery 
>> to recover. No other way works.
> 	I notice this problem couple times on other GTA02s. The bad thing is
> that I could not reproduce this all the time. I'll keep traking this
> issue. 

I just had this problem yesterday, and one of my other Early Access 
users last week reported something that now sounds like the same issue.

I will try to reproduce or at least more closely identify, but it sounds 
like there might be an issue here.

Better file a bug report and bring it to Will's attention, just in case 
it's serious.


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