GSM flowcontrol problem does not appear to affect GTA02

Andy Green andy at
Mon May 26 10:57:40 CEST 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Regarding Bug #1376
| (,
| I've had an opportunity over the past several days to put the GTA02
| through the same battery of serial comms tests I've run on the GTA01.
| I'm happy to note that the GTA02 does not seem to be affected by this
| troublesome problem.  In side-by-side testing, in all cases where the
| GTA01 under test would fail with a buffer overrun from the GSM, the
| GTA02 read all data without data loss.
| The astute observer might note that the GSM is supposed to be exactly
| the same on the two units, and therefore if the problem is in the GSM,
| then it is not really solved on the GTA02, rather my tests failed to

Hm can also be the later CPU fixes some UART errata?  Something subtle
about resume ordering and / or mdelays between the two kernels?

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