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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi Wolfgang:
| This week I did not spend a lot of time in KBOOT,
| Because of personal reasons.
| At May 30, I have listened to the Richard Stallman's speech, he said
| that "write small piece code of lager project, don't start at a small
| code".
| I have always SMALL CODE from the start, so when I started to OPENMOKO
| time, I found that I work in LAGER CODE PROJECT is not very experienced.
| So the progress a bit slow.
| Next week, I will continue to compile KBOOT kernel.
| A small  question:
| If I just want to KBOOT support MTD, does The KBOOT kernel need OPENMOKO
| kernel patch?

Maybe Werner will disagree, but what we actually need to push us forward
is U-Boot reduction into "tiny bootloader" and the support for the less
horrible "fixed worst-case offset partitioning" in NAND rather than the
current really horrible dynparts.

Kexec / Kboot itself is less crucial because we can get most of the
benefit from it with simply a backup kernel + rootfs.  But without a
bootloader that is more sane than current dynparts U-Boot, we are into
continuing misery.

Probably RMS didn't bring suffering created by NAND into his tender
consideration, but if he did, I guess he would be telling you the same
(but with a hard disk platter on his head).

- -Andy
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