Measurements: Massive Display-related power savings

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano monto84 at
Sun Nov 2 18:01:03 CET 2008

Pietro "m0nt0" Montorfano ha scritto:
> Andy Green ha scritto:
> [snip]
>> There are only two serious problems left with stable-tracking AFAIK
>> right now, this Glamo GPIO not working on resume somehow leading to
>> WSOD, and the NAND / ECC issue; and two smaller problems breakage on
>> Accel and warnings from WLAN driver about "warn_on_slowpath".
>> -Andy
> Any news on this?
> Thank you!
> Pietro

Well trying to avoid that annoying WSOD i've flashed my FR with the
images of the 2008.8 release (no update, just installed
openmoko-terminal2, illume-config-illume and illume-keyboards-terminal),
default rootfs, default kernel but update u-boot. After the suspend i
got that WSOD. So i've thought that u-boot wasn't related to this bug,
but a month ago i was not experiencing the WSOD. The empirical
conclusion is: "is u-boot related to WSOD?" If so how and most important
of all, is there a place to get the u-boot factory image for the FreeRunner?
If you need a tester, here i am, i can also try to understand the code,
may be it's time to try to understand it :D (i'm a programmer,
c,c++,python and some other languages but never looked into the kernel)



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