suspend/resume kills usb0

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at
Sun Nov 2 22:51:53 CET 2008

Am Sunday 02 November 2008 22:44:33 schrieb Andy Green:
> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> | I'm logged in over usb0, in one session running a program that emits
> quite
> | some debug output via shell, in the other session running nothing. On
> resume,
> | the session with traffic quits.
> I guess it makes sense, initially and for some time the logical usb0
> connection on the GTA02 is still down at resume.  Only when there is the
> asynchronously completed USB negotiation with the host about enumeration
> and so on done will the usb0 on the GTA02 exist again.
> So from the point of view of whatever is putting stuff out on stdout on
> the GTA02, it probably gets some fatal "console has gone away" signal
> sent to it if it tries to issue stuff during that window between resume
> and usb0 getting recreated.  Whereas the silent session is unaware of
> the whole period when it would have been death to issue something.

Yes, that's sounds like an accurate analysis. Back to the original question (I 
don't know too much about the console layer) -- is there a straightforward 
way to fix that?


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