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Mon Nov 3 00:19:28 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi Andy,
| after pulling the latest stable-tracking, I hit a lot of weird
| problems.
| First of all, it seems that the Atheros WLAN+SDIO stack is broken.
| There's no indication that the device is even probed. Oddly enough,
| if I add my Linux SDIO patches, my driver works, so this doesn't
| seem to be the reset problem coming back from the dead.

Breakage (or look on the bright side: fixes too) can come at any time on
the -tracking branches, they are constantly rebasing against Ben Dooks'
6410 branch, which itself is constantly rebasing against the Linus tree
(perhaps via ARM Linux).

| More confusingly, only the last two revisions
| (b961c6de2a96a96436bb342722974aaf54aea638 and
| 9092e89f3f8bfabb1bb892da4f5c85fce8ed9144) even compile.

stable-tracking doesn't keep a history at the moment, the whole thing is
rebased wholesale with any necessary corrections to mokopatches-tracking
or stable-tracking done at the broken patch or an added tracking patch.

| All the earlier ones I tried to build fail - many of them with
| missing includes in mach-gta02.c. This happens even if I go back
| to commits of which I'm pretty sure that they built not too long
| ago.

Same reason... you're peeling off the patches that fix those issues.

| Furthermore, the dates look wrong. E.g., ar6k-essid-one-and-32.patch
| was added around September 16, but commit
| d41035e9ef253ddd2e9d2c59b550fdfab1719d0a says November 1.

Same reason...

When things calm down I will look at keeping a tree that only gets
merged against these rebasing trees so it can have a history, but right
now there are other more important fish to fry.

- -Andy

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