stable-tracking problems

Werner Almesberger werner at
Mon Nov 3 00:52:26 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> Same reason... you're peeling off the patches that fix those issues.

Hmm, when I pulled some of the changes last week, I could build
just fine. Now when I go back to the same changes, they need
fixes they didn't need before ?

> | Furthermore, the dates look wrong. E.g., ar6k-essid-one-and-32.patch
> | was added around September 16, but commit
> | d41035e9ef253ddd2e9d2c59b550fdfab1719d0a says November 1.
> Same reason...

So git doesn't keep the timestamps with the changes ? That's
weird. How does one set the timestamps then ? I shouldn't be
too hard to make a script that backs them up and resets them
when git loses its history. Not fool-proof, but at least it
would give some means to identify which change introduced a

- Werner

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