[PATCH] i2c0 platform data (was Re: Having trouble with -tracking)

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Nov 3 06:28:19 CET 2008

I wrote:
> I get a kernel that boots and seem to behave, except that WLAN
> isn't detected.

Ah, and some other minor items are missing, like everything that's
on the Glamo :) Also, adding the codec fails with:

[21474538.435000] WM8753 Audio Codec 0.16
[21474538.435000] soc-audio soc-audio: can't get i2c adapter 0
[21474538.440000] can't add codec bus driver
[21474538.440000] ALSA device list:
[21474538.445000]   No soundcards found.

And here's the clue:

[21474538.235000] s3c2440-i2c s3c2440-i2c: no platform data
[21474538.235000] s3c2440-i2c: probe of s3c2440-i2c failed with error -22

Patch attached.

- Werner
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