[s3c6410 BSP] Funnies and questions

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Mon Nov 3 10:35:53 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> 1) enable_irq_wake(S3C_EINT(4)); fails, it should be OK to enable EINT4
|> as a wake source
| Without any of the power management there is no set_wake methods set
on the
| interrupts.

Ah OK then.

|> 2) s3c6400-uart: probe of s3c6400-uart.3 failed with error -22
|> But there are 4 UARTs on S3C6410
| I'll update the Samsung serial driver to support 4 UARTs instead of 3.

Great.  On GTA03 debug console happens to be on the fourth one.

|> 3) We did not fit the 27MHz clock on S3C6410, so we need to disable it
|> system-wide as a clk source... eg for MMC base clock... what's the best
|> way to do that?
| This information will be available in the platform data registered with
| the system.

OK I take that it means it will be exposed to the machine-specific stuff
at some point later... in the meanwhile I will patch
arch/arm/plat-s3c64xx/s3c6400-clock.c or stuff around there since it
seems to select 27MHz clock as the default source for the HS_MMC0[1].

[    0.000000] mmc_bus: source is clk_27m (3), rate is 27000000

|> 4) HS_MMC is a valid platform device and is initialized, but it doesn't
|> see the SDHC card.  Assuming this is missing somewhat, what's the status
|> on it?
| Furhter testing is being done on the SDHCI, will release a set of what
| I consider stable later today.

Great it will be very handy to be able to mount a rootfs from there and
do SDIO.


- -Andy

[1] This nearly caused a heart attack when I noticed it yesterday since
it looked like the iROM was using the (NC on GTA03) 27MHz source, but I
verified in bootloader it's EPll.
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