WLAN with Linux SDIO: sneak preview

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Mon Nov 3 14:38:53 CET 2008

"Marco Trevisan (Trevi?o)" wrote:
> Is it possible to get the same using the stable branch (maybe do you
> have a patchset for it too)?

I have an old patch set for some of it in

But the big problem is that the S3C MCI driver in stable doesn't
work properly with SDIO. The driver in stable-tracking and the
one in stable are very different, so it may be hard to fix this.

At the moment, the Linux SDIO stack only gives you some small
benefits over the Atheros SDIO stack (mainly that you can use it
as a module) and still causes a slight regression in performance,
so I think there's no rush to bring the new stack to the masses.

In any case, we should try to move towards using stable-tracking.
We've been dancing around that switch for a very long time now,
but it seems that the pieces are finally coming together.

- Werner

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