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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Nov 4 00:42:56 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> Yes it boots direct into SDHC rootfs now, Qi, Linux, the rootfs all on
|> the one SDHC: beautiful.
| Interesting, so SDHC is working properly? Does it see all the card? I'm
| interested in how well this work, I should probably try and SDHC card on
| the s3c24xx.

I can't give an exhaustive answer but it definitely both assesses the
size of the SHDC correctly and mounts p2 fine, which is right down the
far end of the card (p1 being the main bulk of the card space).

We have used SDHC on 2442 fine both with Qi (our U-Boot doesn't get
various things right and can't touch past 4GB) and Linux.

|> I can see we will hit trouble with card detect though, GTA03 is not
|> implementing it, but I am sure it can be worked around.  Maybe something
|> to expose in machine init stuff rather than Kconfig?
| I suggest that having an proper cad detect is an important feature
| for removable media, there is an option of using DATA[3], but this
| from a little online research is not a good idea.

Can't disagree with you there, but on GTA02 the story was that you can't
change the uSD without pulling the battery, so it didn't matter.  On
GTA03 the rootfs is on there.  So live swapping out uSD is not
realistic, we can say it is likely static media for the session, so it's
a fairly legit way to say card detect is not meaningful.

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