[FSO] Battery Indicator Problem

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Fri Nov 7 10:10:16 CET 2008

Am Friday 07 November 2008 00:59:51 schrieb Quasar:
> I just downloaded the latest FSO image, kernel, and modules, and installed
> them on my SD card. Everything boots without problems but the battery
> indicator seems to show a 0% charge even though Qt Extended (installed on
> the flash) detects the battery as full. If I try to charge the battery, FSO
> detects the status as charging, but the time to full charge does not change
> no matter how long I keep charging it. My battery is a CC, and below are
> the "cat" results which FSO seems to detect (while charging):
> cat /sys/devices/platform/bq27000-battery.0/power_supply/bat/charge_full:
> 1184526
> cat /sys/devices/platform/bq27000-battery.0/power_supply/bat/current_now:
> 138750
> cat
> /sys/devices/platform/bq27000-battery.0/power_supply/bat/time_to_full_now:
> 3932100
> cat /sys/devices/platform/bq27000-battery.0/power_supply/bat/capacity: 0
> Any ideas on what could be causing this problem and how I can fix it?

Forwarding this to the kernel list, as this seems to be not userland-related.


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