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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| apologies for distracting the serious work of this list but I've a few
| questions relating to building the kernel for the first time.
| I've only ever compiled a kernel before using the Linux From Scratch
| Instructions which were great and I managed to build a system. Now I'm
| following instructions given at and
| have one or two problems.
| I obtain the kernel source as described and do a git checkout of
| origin/stable. I then copy defconfig-gta02 to .config and try to build
| but nothing I try works. If I try a "make menuconfig" I get errors. I
| didn't expect errors in the C Code.
| Given that my make menuconfig failed I was only asking for trouble
| executing "make vmlinux" but I couldn't resist it. ;-) I got asked for
| my processor type and Tickless System etc. etc.
| Actually I'm a bit confused if I build the kernel on my laptop I'm
| compiling for an i86 arch. there's no mention of bitbake or oe in these
| instructions. Surely I need a cross compiler.
| Once again humble apologies I know this list serves a serious purpose
| and the people on it do a very good job. In the ideal world you should
| not have to answer such questions, but welcome to my world ;-)

Three bits of advice:

1) like Shaz told you need the cross toolchain

2) Examine the ./build script and change it to point to your cross
toolchain location, normally /usr/local/openmoko/...

3) Get the config set up by

cp arch/arm/configs/gta02-moredrivers-defconfig .config

then run ./build

- -Andy
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