[PATCH] Add page flipping support to glamo

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Mon Nov 10 16:31:11 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> | Does that mean that we have the Glamo resume and unblank problems
|> | resolved, or worked-around somehow?
|> It means I will be working on them at stable-tracking rather than
|> swapping between trees all the time.  2.6.24 stable definitely has no
|> future considering the dev tree stuff.
| Thanks - that's helpful; I fear getting lost in a maze of twisty little
| branches, all different ;)

I updated the kernel git page over the weekend with a table of the
important branches and an explanation of what's in them; I also removed
the 64xx specific ones and made the upstream for that the master branch.
~  So it will help understand what's where and why to look here:


|> The only bad known problems right now on stable-tracking are the resume
|> Glamo GPIO (I rather suspect it is the same mechanism behind the
|> blanking WSODs on 2.6.24) and accels communication, once they're
|> straight allowing for any more trouble discovered inbetweentime we'll be
|> looking for it to fork and become the new stable.
| Ok.  Hopefully those Glamo issues will be resolved soon.  This means
| that there will be no further updates to the working 2.6.24 stable
| branch, but at the same time there exist no other branches that are yet
| usable on the GTA02.

Patches are still welcome on stable, it's better for everyone to work
against stable-tracking right now.  The bulk of the patches on the list
recently have followed that trend which is good.

- -Andy
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