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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Nov 11 16:16:39 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Yes, almost everything is in a separate s3c2410 directory under "cpu".
| Only added include files with the registers for s3c2410 and pcf50606
| in the include directory.


Another point for GTA01 users is, well, DFU support "has moved to Linux"
in the form of nand_write into mtdblock devices.  But since you did the
work for SD Card booting too then so long as Qi itself is not trashed
(it has no dependency on environment) then it would always be possible
to recover by boot to Linux from SD Card filesystem.

The NAND partition offsets passed to Kernel will also need to be chosen
with the "bad block allowance" method used in GTA02 so they are at fixed
offsets and we don't need to take care about dynparts.  Maybe you did
this already.

| I made it so that is skip SD card and boot from NAND if AUX is held so
| I can select which kernel to boot without removing the SD card. The
| command line is still hardcoded, but it would be nice to also read
| this from a file in /boot or from NAND. But that can come later.

Yes I intend to make a generic "UI button to skip" interface, that's
fine.  But I like the hardcoded commandline, it has a big advantage it
won't break.  If we do implement something that is going to impact the
commandline from a filesystem, it would be best if it only appended to
the hardcoded one.  That way things are more portable, the filesystem
does not need to know its device coordinates for root= for example.

- -Andy

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