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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Tue Nov 11 17:54:37 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Hmm.. The way I work is to have NAND as backup and try new kernels on
| SD card. Mostly since the NAND space is so limited I only have a small
| "backup" system there that boot quick without X and allows me to
| quickly recover the SD card / change kernel on it. (i.e. a
| "replacement for u-boot").
| With the NAND CRC error problems in the new kernels (hopefully fixed
| by Werner) it has also been a necessity. But as you say, if NAND were
| trashed the SD card could always be put in a card reader and be
| updated with a working system.

Sounds like a good way to me :-)

|> The NAND partition offsets passed to Kernel will also need to be chosen
|> with the "bad block allowance" method used in GTA02 so they are at fixed
|> offsets and we don't need to take care about dynparts.  Maybe you did
|> this already.
| I currently have not changed the partitioning since I had a working
| system on it. But it would be an easy change.

For GTA02 I just set them to the old offsets that already existed for
devices with no bad blocks.  Bad blocks seem to be pretty uncommon on
2442 at least.

|> Yes I intend to make a generic "UI button to skip" interface, that's
|> fine.  But I like the hardcoded commandline, it has a big advantage it
|> won't break.  If we do implement something that is going to impact the
|> commandline from a filesystem, it would be best if it only appended to
|> the hardcoded one.  That way things are more portable, the filesystem
|> does not need to know its device coordinates for root= for example.
| True. The way I was thinking was due to the way I use the NAND system
| as backup. That is I like to have hardcoded command line for NAND and
| SD, but would also like to be able to override the default for the
| SD-card by reading a file in /boot...
| But that's as I say due to the way I am used to work. I can always do
| my own version for my needs.. =)

What do you typically change on the kernel commandline?  The only thing
I heard that made any sense to me was loglevel and I guess the Glamo SD
commandline things but both of them are kind of development / debug
issues.  Both would work with the append concept if necessary.

Anyway send you're patches when you're ready, I can't test them but it
sounds like they'll probably go straight in since they are entirely
selfcontained for 2410 build only.

- -Andy
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