Qi for S3C2410

Micael Henriksson micael.h at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 18:33:44 CET 2008

>> it would be best if it only appended to
>> the hardcoded one.
> That would certainly cover most usage cases. I even had to look
> up what I called the option for replacing the parameter line (as
> opposed to appending to it) in LILO :-)
> The only option we regularly use that cannot be overridden by
> a later option would be "console=". The command line limit of
> 1024 bytes is hopefully nothing anyone will ever hit.
> An easy mechanism for having both possibilities would be to treat
> the first character in the loaded command line differently: if
> it's a certain special character, e.g., an equal sign, then the
> new line replaces the old one. In all other cases, it appends to
> it.

That could be an option...
The things I tent to change is loglevel, different built-in module
debug options and in rare cases the console to tty0.
If I have different SD cards with different partition tables and more
than one rootfs partition, I want to be able to change which rootfs
partition to use.

I like to setup for example:
p1: only to hold the kernel
p2: rootfs1
p3: rootfs2

Then it would be nice to be able to switch which rootfs to use by just
updating a file in p1.


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