Qi for S3C2410

Micael Henriksson micael.h at gmail.com
Tue Nov 11 20:10:32 CET 2008

>> and both are themselves canned actions.
> There is a set of common canned solutions, such as changing the
> loglevels, adding or removing consoles, increasing the dmesg buffer,
> or overriding init, but there's no telling what happens in the next
> iteration of debugging.
> E.g., if some people have problems with the SD driver and you add
> an option to vary the timing, that's probably something you can't
> easily predict. And if your rootfs is on SD, handling this when
> user space is up may not be an option either.

That's why I think it would be a nice debug feature to have when that
special need comes. The defaults should work for most cases, but when
debugging why limit the developer to only append new settings?


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