[PATCH] add preliminary E-TEN glofiish M800 support

Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Thu Nov 13 09:37:33 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| [ARM] S3C24xx: Add preliminary E-TEN glofiish M800 support
| This patch adds preliminary support for the M800.  If booted
| through haret, the system has the following working components:
| * NAND read support
| * framebuffer / LCM (no jbt6k74 power management yet)
| * USB device controller (incl. Pullup)
| * microSD card (incl. card-detect)
| * backlight brightness control (using gta01-bl.c)
| * input event device for power, camera and record button
| * input event device for keyboard slide event

Great, thanks for sending the patch and the hard work behind it.

This is actually a bit epoch-changing, it marks Openmoko kernel and the
Openmoko rootfs images too branching out into bringing Free software to
other phones as well as our own as a side effect.  We bring some nice
things to the party too like Android support for the new devices.

In private mail earlier the plan is to soon move this to be against
stable-tracking and we will keep up to date with progress on it.  In the
meanwhile, I put this on stable which it applies to.

| * bluetooth power control (using gta01-pm-bt)

We have a plan to merge all the neo1973-pm-* type stuff in a single
"GTAxx pm" driver to try to ease getting it upstream, it doesn't matter
right now but it would likely mean the default way going on would also
be a merged m800-pm type thing, just mentioning it.

- -Andy
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