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Fri Nov 14 15:40:20 CET 2008

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Hi -

Now LCM reinit after resume is fixed it would be good to know what the
state of stable-tracking is like for more users.

The features that should be there:

~ - 2.6.28-rc3 kernel
~ - Android support with page flip
~ - New WLAN on mainline SDIO stack (still in progress but should work)
~ - New suspend / resume device tree changes

The issues I know about are:

~ - Motion sensors broken

~ - Glamo reinit just puts it to 640x480 portrait at the moment, we can
try save and restore the LCD controller regs shortly

~ - white flash on resume because we don't take Balaji's pcf / dev tree
patches quite yet, hopefully in next couple of days.

~ - broken touchscreen on Android reportedly

~ - many changed /sys paths, there will be more changes when we take
Balaji's improved pcf driver so we will make a census then

There's a "moredrivers" image here:

you can just DFU it in and it doesn't need any modules for core
functionality.... reports about breakage appreciated (although a lot of
it will be /sys paths I guess).

- -Andy
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