stable-tracking test image

Jim Ancona jim at
Fri Nov 14 23:01:43 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> This is the current one:

Should I be able to run Android with this kernel? I'm guessing the 
answer is no, but I tried anyway. :-)

I made it past the A N D R O I D header in the log. I got several lines 
like this: (with others mixed in)

binder_nmap: 724 40008000-40028000 bad vmflags failed -1
init: untracked pid 735 exited

These were followed by a white screen, then the Openmoko splash screen, 
signaling a reboot.

This is using Sean McNeil's rootfs from earlier this week.

If, as I suspect, there are different config options needed to build the 
kernel with Android support, does anyone have a config file that should 



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