PATCH/RFC [0/3]: Fix suspend and other acceleromter issues

Andy Green andy at
Sat Nov 15 09:59:02 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi!
| This series fixes some issues for the acceleromters. I'd like comments
| on the first, since I'm not sure what's wrong. In summary:
|   * Patch 1 fixes suspend/resume with an open device (i.e., resumes the
|     data collection after the device has woken up).
|   * Patch 2 avoids precision loss for scale and rate.
|   * Patch 3 implements the suggestions from Harald for the wakeup
|     interface.
| This patch set is for the stable branch. I guess future work should be
| on the stable-tracking branch? (nice work Nelson!). I've noticed that
| the acceleromter code in stable-tracking lags behind quite a bit
| compared to stable. So what I wonder is how to move forward the stable
| functionality? Should the patches be applied one-by-one or is a big
| patch to cover the differences OK?

One big patch for stable-tracking update is fine, thanks for looking at
it.  At least they are on a common bitbang basis now...

How is the performance about them stopping servicing interrupts at the
moment from your experience?  Sen McNeil had some changes to the GPIO
actions in the bitbang which he reckoned removed the loss of data
completely, I am not sure the various rebasings and branches have kept
what he did...

- -Andy
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