PATCH/RFC [0/3]: Fix suspend and other acceleromter issues

Simon Kagstrom simon.kagstrom at
Sun Nov 16 14:03:28 CET 2008

On Sun, 16 Nov 2008 10:51:21 -0200
Werner Almesberger <werner at> wrote:

> Andy Green wrote:
> > I read the datasheets (we have two now) for lis302dl again before
> > writing that last mail and I did not find an explanation for what
> > clears the interrupt source in hardware there.
> The description of the LIR bit in FF_WU_CFG_1 suggests what may be the
> mechanism:
> | Latch Interrupt request into FF_WU_SRC reg with the FF_WU_SRC reg
> | cleared by reading FF_WU_SRC_1 reg. Default value: 0
> A possible model may be that interrupt-worthy events are signaled as
> edges inside the accelerometer, and that LIR has to be set to turn
> them into something a level-triggering CPU can digest. If the GPIO
> is configured to edge-triggered, it may be interesting to see if
> things improve if LIR is cleared.

Well, we don't set the LIR bit when configuring FF_WU_CFG. It's also
not used for "normal" data-ready interrupts, only with the threshold
stuff. So it's already cleared :-)

I think the lockups with the earlier edge-triggered implementation was
solved in practice with the bitbang-all-the-way and hopefully now in
theory as well with the level-triggered interrupt.

// Simon

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