PATCH/RFC [0/3]: Fix suspend and other acceleromter issues

Andy Green andy at
Sun Nov 16 18:59:52 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| With DMA, retrieving some unused registers should be cheap. The

|> Anyway, perhaps a stupid question, but assuming we use some threshold
|> configuration, is the accelerometer stuff really that much of a
|> performance problem?
| That's of course an excellent question :-)

We don't need to tie a totally generic action like trying to allow a
bitbang SPI to operate in interrupt context to a processor-specific
thing like DMA, they're two different issues.

As Simon suggests the DMA thing doesn't buy us much in practice, but if
we want to get the lis302dl into mainline with an existing timer-based
competing implementation already there the interrupt mode bitbang SPI
would.  So if we are going to blow out our mailreaders on this, let's do
it discussing what moves us forward rather than sideways.

- -Andy
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