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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> I guess there are things we could do in Qi to impact sound but it's
|> funny because the GPIO init and the PMU register init is based on stuff
|> from U-Boot directly, although the PMU register list was really chopped
|> down... maybe that's the first place to look.
| How about moving the bulk of that init stuff into the kernel and
| let Qi only worry about the few bits it actually uses itself ?
| It always struck me as strange that this sort of initialization was
| semi-randomly distributed between mach-gta02.c and u-boot, so you
| always had to look at both places to get a definite answer.

No I think this is bootloader business, as is some PMU init -- states on
these signals impact power consumption at least.  It sounds right they
should be set to known state early.  2442 docs anyway show Port Data
levels are "undefined" at reset.

We can explicitly set them all again in kernel but it's likely best as
it is.

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