PATCH/RFC [0/3]: Fix suspend and other acceleromter issues

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Sun Nov 16 19:44:42 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| The next issue is bitbang->txrx_bufs, which is implemented in
| s3c24xx_spi_txrx() in spi_s3c24xx.c. This function blocks and waits for
| an interrupt and therefore needs to be reimplemented. Perhaps another
| function pointer in the spi_bitbang structure then. It can be noted
| that some other implementations have this function being synchronous
| already, e.g., in omap_uwire.c (uwire_txrx).
| I'm not surprised if this mail doesn't make any sense, and I guess
| there are also more pressing issues in the openmoko project than
| discussing how to get the accelerometer driver upstream.

In fact lis302dl upstream path is a headache along with FIQ upstream
(although that one is on my plate).  The existing upstream arrangements
are known to be inadequate for what we want to do in both cases, but in
both cases we have a working solution that needs to be normalized for
upstream consumption.

If you are interested to do this kind of "precision API extension" (the
function pointer method sounds like a winner) that will allow plugging
the current bitbang into the Linux SPI bitbang framework but with
interrupt context capability that would be really excellent, I think
upstream will be highly interested in the capability.

- -Andy
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