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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> No I think this is bootloader business, as is some PMU init -- states on
|> these signals impact power consumption at least.
| Yeah, we have to take care of those that affect power consumption.
|> 2442 docs anyway show Port Data levels are "undefined" at reset.
| You had me scared for a moment :-) Most of them (B through J) are
| input with pull-down active. Port A defaults to "function".

Er, no: S3C2442B_Users_manual_070104_MSP4.pdf Eg, p261 port A "GPADAT
reset value Undef".

|> We can explicitly set them all again in kernel but it's likely best as
|> it is.
| What I'm a bit concerned about is divergence between boot loader
| and kernel. Right now, we can easily change Qi whenever necessary,
| but as soon as GTA03 goes into production, we lose that privilege
| (much like it's with NOR at the moment).

Nonsense, you seem to be thinking Qi is in NAND, but Qi is on the SD
Card and can be updated or changed as easily as the kernels in the rootfs.

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