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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Er, no: S3C2442B_Users_manual_070104_MSP4.pdf Eg, p261 port A "GPADAT
|> reset value Undef".
| Right, but GPACON = 0xfffff and this means "function". nFCE,
| nGCS[x], ADDRx, etc., all have well-defined values. It's just
| sloppy use of terminology on the side of Samsung.

Fair enough.

|> Nonsense, you seem to be thinking Qi is in NAND, but Qi is on the SD
|> Card and can be updated or changed as easily as the kernels in the
| Hmm, I thought we had both options on GTA03. But now that you mention
| it, it seems that you are getting rid of the NAND boot fallback then ?

I wrote it up in the hardware spec document for GTA03 a couple of months
ago: the NAND write protection is gone from A1 because the entire boot
path including bootloader is debrickable in an SD reader on a PC.

There's provision for a backup / recovery rootfs on GTA03 SD image
already too, it's enough I think.

So we are free of supporting raw NAND on GTA03 except for temp storage
of production data in factory right now.

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