[UPSTREAM 0/2] pcf50633 changes

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sun Nov 16 21:50:45 CET 2008

Balaji Rao wrote:
> Here's a pcf50633 driver rewrite to use the MFD model. This has resulted
> in pretty large number of changes. 

Whoa, great stuff ! A few quick first comments:

> [ Warning : This is long :) ]

There's one major item missing:

0. Monolithic monstrosity broken down into comprehensible components.

> 2. Charger detection code now moved into mach-gta02.c.

By the way, I think mach-gta02.c would make an excellent candidate
for breaking down into components as well. Not only is it confusing
to have code and definitions pertaining to a dozens different areas
of the system interleaved with each other, but it's also a pain to
maintain patches against mach-gta02.c, because you're pretty much
guaranteed that something changes in the context patch catches with
its peripheral vision, requiring manual intervention over and over

> 4. Emergency 8s shutdown has been temporarily removed from the driver
> as it certainly does not belong there.

What's the plan for this one ? Lots of people seem to feel a strong
emotionally attachment to having the equivalent of ctrl-alt-del :)

> 5. 'Suppress onkey events on resume' - must be a better way to handle
> this. Can't it be done from userspace ?

It seems that whoever has initiated the suspend should also take care
of the consequences, yes. This is only about user space, not the
hang-on-resume Matt has fixed recently, right ?

- Werner

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