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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Qi steppingstone content is left intact after boot, it even contains SD
|> Card driver already but we don't even need it on resume path since Linux
|> is still sat in memory ready to go.  Same as 2442 when we see we wake
|> for resume after critical init we just wake the mDDR and hop straight
|> into the kernel.
| Hmm, but doesn't the 6410 go through the full reset process, including
| loading Steppingstone from whatever the boot media is, as well ? This

No, for sure the reset is partial, and I believe in both 2442 and 6410
cases that the steppingstone is not reloaded but re-used from the boot
on wakeup as it happens.

| means that you crash on resume if there's no bootable SD card in the
| slot at that time.
| Not sure if this is an important usage scenario, though.

Considering the rootfs is on SD Card... it's not really something we
need to worry ourselves or the list about.

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