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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

|> After that, there's also the issue of faking card insertion on
|> resume, but that should be easy in comparison.
| I should have known better than to taunt Murphy. Suspend works great,
| but afterwards, s3cmci can't communicate with the AR6k module:

Oh well don't worry the Atheros stack couldn't even get that far on
device re-recognition front.

I'm not sure faking module removal is ideal way but whatever you can get
working will be good.

The SD / MMC stack at least I know by Glamo MMC sent I think Cmd 8
during suspend before you were meant to pull the power, and it dealt
entirely in the stack with bringup after resume.  But the Atheros stack
did suspend and resume OK so there must be a way to signal to the AR6001
driver end that it is suspended, maybe it's worth comparing the actions
into the AR6001 from the Atheros stack.

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