[PATCH 0/3] RFC: fix bug http://docs.openmoko.org/trac/ticket/1884

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Tue Nov 18 09:54:39 CET 2008

matt_hsu wrote:
>    According to your suggestion, I did a little test to see this could  
> resolve problem if we set EINT9 as
>    level_handle.

Thanks !

>    When the system resumed, it is looped in handling low level IRQ,  
> which is what I mentioned before, "the IRQ strom".

Grmbl :-(

The question still remains whether request_irq should take care of
switching the handler or if this is the responsibility of the
driver. Ben ?

>     Any thoughts?

Hmm, how far does the interrupt storm actually go ? Do you
regularly make it into pcf50633_irq or does it end before that ?

- Werner

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