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Tue Nov 18 10:09:15 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Andy Green wrote:
|> Because we want Balaji's stuff in the new stable it will be branched off
|> andy-tracking rather than stable-tracking when we nuke the last few bugs
|> including this.  (Balaji's stuff is based off stable-tracking,
|> andy-tracking is based off Balaji's stuff; but if we import Balaji's
|> stuff direct to stable-tracking it will conflict when we see it come in
|> from upstream.)
| Hmm, so you'll keep Balaji's work in andy-tracking until it comes
| back via upstream ? That may take a while, during which we'll have
| different power management in the two trees ...

We'll see how it goes, but I think we can find that the branches based
on other branches are cheap to maintain and can generally be treated as
standins for the branch they're based on.  Ie treat a maintained
andy-tracking or balaji-tracking as stable-tracking-with-pending-upstream.

Since we will hopefully eventually have several pending upstream patches
we need a way to deal with it generally, leaving stable-tracking clean
and ready for them coming back upstream is the first plan anyway.

| By the way, regarding screen blanking: the bug that made the
| backlight not quite turn off also showed that there's more going
| on: it seems that we also don't turn off the LCM controller and all
| the Glamo clocks. (Either would cause the LCM content to decay,
| which it didn't do.)
| So I if someone feels inclined to squeeze out a few more milliamps,
| a useful test would be to comment out the action in all but one of
| the relevant suspend functions, and see if the remaining one has
| the desired effect. Iterate through all of them.

Hum we do have Harald's patchset about that in there, but it seems to be
a point.

- -Andy
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