stable-tracking test image

Werner Almesberger werner at
Tue Nov 18 13:55:03 CET 2008

Andy Green wrote:
> I'm not sure faking module removal is ideal way but whatever you can get
> working will be good.

I think what I'm doing now is basically how the Linux SDIO stack
wants this to work: MMC suspend equals MMC card removal and
re-insertion. I don't fake the full module removal on suspend, I'm
just telling the ar6k stack that the device is gone.

We'll have to revisit this concept if we want to do things with
wakeup on wireless.

> entirely in the stack with bringup after resume.  But the Atheros stack
> did suspend and resume OK so there must be a way to signal to the AR6001
> driver end that it is suspended, maybe it's worth comparing the actions
> into the AR6001 from the Atheros stack.

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