[PATCH 1/2] improve-s3c2410_ts-debug-messages.patch

Nelson Castillo nelsoneci at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 08:27:27 CET 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 2:22 AM, Nelson Castillo <nelsoneci at gmail.com> wrote:
> * Print debugging information when you need to send a missing touch event.
> * Remove a few warnings in printk (%ld used when %d is enough).
> With this patch we can see more information about the touchscreen misbehavior
> and a pattern can be spotted: the data that comes right after the missing
> touch event that is being sent is always wrong.
> Also notice that sometimes the messages labeled "First" are also broken.
> All other readings seem to be OK (confirmed with longer tests).
> In this example all points pressed were near (X:142, Y:876).

I am trying to understand the issue.
Here is a longer test (points near (X:128, Y:872)).
I wonder if it says something.

[21474642.190000] T:609297, X:000, Y:000
[21474642.210000] T:629050, X:130, Y:875
[21474642.220000] T:638879, X:130, Y:875
[21474642.230000] T:648941, X:129, Y:875
[21474642.240000] T:658864, X:129, Y:874
[21474642.250000] T:668859, X:129, Y:873
[21474642.260000] T:679067, X:129, Y:873
[21474642.270000] T:688866, X:129, Y:873
[21474642.280000] T:698940, X:128, Y:872
[21474642.290000] T:708933, X:128, Y:872
[21474642.300000] T:718913, X:128, Y:872 First
[21474642.730000] T:153171, X:043, Y:291
[21474642.755000] T:173859, X:132, Y:889
[21474642.765000] T:183865, X:132, Y:889
[21474642.775000] T:193910, X:133, Y:889
[21474642.785000] T:203990, X:133, Y:889
[21474642.795000] T:213860, X:133, Y:889
[21474642.805000] T:223859, X:133, Y:889
[21474642.815000] T:233984, X:133, Y:889 First
[21474643.095000] T:514711, X:045, Y:297
[21474643.120000] T:538861, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.130000] T:548932, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.140000] T:558944, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.150000] T:568863, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.160000] T:578962, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.170000] T:588861, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.180000] T:598942, X:132, Y:887
[21474643.190000] T:608866, X:133, Y:887
[21474643.200000] T:618915, X:133, Y:887 First
[21474643.425000] T:847818, X:045, Y:296
[21474643.450000] T:868865, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.460000] T:878975, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.470000] T:888863, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.480000] T:898944, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.490000] T:908925, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.500000] T:918861, X:134, Y:886
[21474643.510000] T:929074, X:134, Y:886 First
[21474643.690000] T:111371, X:045, Y:296
[21474643.715000] T:133921, X:142, Y:884
[21474643.725000] T:143904, X:151, Y:884
[21474643.735000] T:153947, X:136, Y:885
[21474643.745000] T:163865, X:136, Y:885
[21474643.755000] T:173857, X:135, Y:885
[21474643.765000] T:183917, X:135, Y:885
[21474643.775000] T:193913, X:135, Y:885
[21474643.785000] T:204035, X:135, Y:885 First
[21474643.945000] T:365109, X:045, Y:295
[21474643.970000] T:388870, X:134, Y:885
[21474643.980000] T:398936, X:134, Y:885
[21474643.990000] T:408925, X:134, Y:884
[21474644.000000] T:418859, X:135, Y:884
[21474644.010000] T:428967, X:135, Y:884
[21474644.020000] T:438873, X:135, Y:884
[21474644.030000] T:448939, X:135, Y:884
[21474644.040000] T:458999, X:135, Y:883 First
[21474644.150000] T:570851, X:045, Y:295
[21474644.175000] T:594084, X:134, Y:888 First
[21474644.200000] T:620441, X:045, Y:296
[21474644.225000] T:644055, X:417, Y:646 First
[21474644.350000] T:772946, X:139, Y:216
[21474644.375000] T:794053, X:135, Y:888 First
[21474645.130000] T:552557, X:045, Y:296
[21474645.155000] T:574069, X:568, Y:459 First
[21474645.530000] T:952543, X:190, Y:153
[21474645.555000] T:974086, X:543, Y:526 First
[21474645.625000] T:044965, X:181, Y:176
[21474645.650000] T:068868, X:135, Y:887
5.660000] T:079129, X:174, Y:887 First
[21474645.755000] T:174064, X:058, Y:296
[21474645.780000] T:199102, X:140, Y:888 First
[21474645.960000] T:380660, X:047, Y:296
[21474645.985000] T:404154, X:327, Y:809 First
[21474646.070000] T:492498, X:109, Y:270
[21474646.095000] T:514037, X:429, Y:564 First
[21474646.180000] T:601872, X:143, Y:188
[21474646.205000] T:624140, X:536, Y:559 First
[21474646.275000] T:695600, X:179, Y:187
[21474646.300000] T:718861, X:130, Y:892
[21474646.310000] T:729107, X:130, Y:891 First


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