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Andy Green andy at openmoko.com
Thu Nov 20 01:41:34 CET 2008

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Users have become very accustomed (in general) to flashing new kernels
| -- yet there is no real interest in kernels built from the
| stable-tracking branch at present.  I think the need for suspend/resume
| and correct behavior of the Glamo have been gating issues for users.

Suspend / resume is working on andy-tracking... until the last days it
we just had permanent WSOD on resume so I am not surprised people
haven't been beating down the door to try it.

| The distros will follow user demand, I think, and user demand for the
| kernel switch will happen when the improved features (like the wifi
| improvements) outweigh the remaining broken bits (Glamo).

2.6.24 stable has the same problem with framebuffer blanking WSOD.  And
one shouldn't forget Android support.

| So....   are we there yet?  Can we (or do we already) have a list of the
| outstanding bits of badness that need to be fixed so that we know when
| it's time to encourage a switch?

The rootfs stuff I tried on andy-tracking is working OK in terms of not
dying and responding to touchscreens and so on, I think it's possible to
be too down :-)

For rootfs support I think "switch" is the wrong idea.  A lot of stuff
in /sys has multiple places in the tree, for example (from GTA03 but the
same deal)


so I think we will solve / escape some of it like that.

Increasingly the rootfs-es are going to find themselves on new and
unfamiliar platforms like GTA03 or Harald's work on the Glofiish, stuff
is going to change around all the time now depending on what you are
running on.... our upleveling is just one way stuff is going to change

The rootfs guys need a generic approach to normalizing the platform they
find themselves on.

- -Andy
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