[PATCH 0/3] Qi booting control from rootfs

Stefan Fröbe frobiac at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 24 17:13:36 CET 2008

Ok, something is definately fishy around here - I reflashed the freshly
downloaded qi ( s3c2442 is correct for the GTA2,  right? ) with a fresh
dfu-util on another PC and get the same result - no more boots at all, only
after 1h of toggling battery and/or cable NOR came up once more .

> |     NOR boot can theoretically be affected by some things like
> inherited PMU
> |     state but in fact on GTA02 I use NOR U-Boot to update Qi during
> |     development and there's no problems.  Besides there's nothing funny
> |     about Qi PMU settings.
> |
> |  That's how I updated, too , so then I really wonder what had happened
> | -  and how to get back in a sane state should this happen again!
> The only paths into screwing up NOR boot I can imagine would be boot
> itself getting trashed via PMU somehow or the GSTATUS2 / 3 being set
> making it look like resume with bogus resume address.  But if it existed
> I would expect to have seen that after some hundreds of
> boot-NOR/flash-Qi/test/boot-NOR/flash-Qi cycles here, and NOR boot has
> always been as reliable as my power arrangements.

What I did notice, that the same sound (like a one time click in the
speaker) that occurs on battery insertion also can be heard on normal boots,
be it NOR or NAND, whenever the power button is pressed - with the failed qi
flash, I never heard that sound again on button presses!

Also, a colleague had the same issue of no possibility to boot without
having flashed u-boot, and it also only went away after changing batteries,
charging and basically expecting to play around with what might be a brick
for a good hour or longer...

> So no doubt you experienced unhappy events but it's hard to see how Qi
> is implicated... of course that's not much of an explanation either.

Could it be there is a general issue with the power on bootup that is
triggered by qi on my FR ? Any ideas what else to try ? I'll gladly supply
you with any further information you might need.

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