[PATCH 0/3] Qi booting control from rootfs

Stefan Fröbe frobiac at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 24 18:16:41 CET 2008

> Great, it means it isn't any Qi-specific issue so I can stop trying to
> get my head around that.

Yeah, good for you ;-)

~ - These are GTA02 A5?

Mine is; hers is a A6 I guess

> ~ - One gets a "factory fresh" device, puts it in NOR flash menu (?) and
> DFUs in a new roots or a new Qi

Yes: I booted into NOR, dfu'd Qi, selected Halt by pressing AUX

> ~ - on the next reboot (how did we restart the device?) it is dead.

Pressed and held power-btn for 6s , nothing happened even 2min later
Pressed and held power-btn for 10s , same
Various combinations of attempted NOR / NAND boots, same

> ~ - However when you finish struggling for more than an hour of various
> tries with battery and USB in and out, you find that the battery was
> around 100% all the time so it shouldn't be a problem about VB_SYS and
> empty battery.

Correct, thats why I am stunned !

> I wonder if the batteries had felt unhappy and disconnected themselves
> internally, and you were fighting the VB_SYS problem all A5s have to
> some extent until the battery managed to get a charging voltage across
> it and reconnected itself, after which it would boot OK.

True, and ran into that issue in the early days - but than another Nokia
battery would not be affected, right? And I didn't manage to boot from any
of those ( all full, of course ) either.

> If this happens again, immediately measuring the voltage across the pads
> of the battery at the ends with a multimeter or such would be
> interesting.  It would be around 4V normally.

Will  maybe try that later tonight, if I find the courage to reflash again
;-)  - at least a longer wait seems to cure the FR from any symptoms...

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