Openmoko Bug #2133: kmmcd: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0xd0

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Tue Nov 25 15:00:16 CET 2008

#2133: kmmcd: page allocation failure. order:4, mode:0xd0
    Reporter:  lindi            |        Owner:  openmoko-kernel
        Type:  defect           |       Status:  new            
    Priority:  normal           |    Milestone:                 
   Component:  System Software  |      Version:                 
    Severity:  minor            |   Resolution:                 
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Comment(by werner):

 The out-of-memory is a 64kB GFP_KERNEL allocation when bringing up the
 network device. This being a 64kB allocation is just bad programming.
 (The data structure contains large arrays of packet buffers. Argh.)

 The general memory situation doesn't look too bad, so I'm a bit
 surprised that the kernel couldn't find the pages, but trying to allocate
 64kB of contiguous kernel memory is tempting fate. Not sure if the Glamo
 issues contributed anything to making this worse.

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