[PATCH 0/2] allow WLAN module to suspend/resume without reset

Werner Almesberger werner at openmoko.org
Sat Nov 29 01:19:44 CET 2008

"Marco Trevisan (Trevi?o)" wrote:
> Btw I've tried again with the uImage provided by Werner (I didn't flash
> the whole rootfs since I can't delete my flash nor my ?SD actually :P),

Thanks ! The first part of your results looks pretty encouraging.

By the way, the SD image is only 38MB, so it should work with any card
that the Neo recognizes, no matter how small.

> So I tried to switch network (using wpa_cli,
> so commanding directly wpa_supplicant)

What exactly did switching the network involve ? I.e., how do the
networks differ ?

> In this case scanning (both with wpa_cli scan and with iwlist eth0 scan)
>  only returned my previous AP (also after an 'iwconfig eth0 essid off').

How many APs do you normally see in a scan ? Only your two ? Or
are there also some from the neighbourhood ?

> So I do a suspend/resume, and as expected, on resume I had a "fresh"
> working wifi interface;

Good, so module removal/re-insertion would be a suitable work-around
if all else fails.

> I also noticed that if, as a mistake, there are more instances of
> wpa_supplicant running (I got two :P) and trying to control the eth0
> interface, all the network related commands start hanging (from ping to
> ifconfig going over iwconfig);

Wow. I didn't know we even had that kind of lock :-)

- Werner

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