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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Hi,
| I've noticed that time runs ~6x slower when using a stable-tracking
| kernel and it makes booting _really_ slow!
| How do I fix this ? I've noticed that the number of timer interrupts
| received is ~6x lesser. I wonder what the problem really is. Are the
| interrupts not delivered at the required rate and is there a way I can
| test this ?
| Suggestions welcome.

I'm working on adding the andy-2.6.26 stuff to andy-tracking right now
and seeing the same.

Previously (some weeks ago) on tracking there was trouble with hdq that
I put down to PWM init affecting the timer used for FIQ generation.  I
moved the FIQ timer to another PWM unit and the problems went away.
Since then FIQ is trashed by later changes upstream I am trying to
figure out now.

Anyway I would dump the PWM-related registers from CPU on 2.6.24 or
2.6.26 and current tracking and compare them, it seems it might give a clue.

- -Andy
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