stable-tracking patchset

Jonas Bonn jonas.bonn at
Wed Oct 1 21:47:12 CEST 2008

Alright, here comes a resubmit of my patches from earlier.

This patchset should apply cleanly to 811c4d48bef28d3107e8c8e6d07d47bdb99c76fa from 
stable-tracking.  My other patches that already applied thereon can be dropped.

There are a bunch of cherry picks from the topic/asoc branch of sound-2.6 at the beginning
of this set.  They should allow that we can cleanly rebase on their work when it hits

The patchset includes the following:

Andy Green (1):

Jean Delvare (3): (These are cherry picks from topic/asoc)
      ASoC: Convert wm8753 to a new-style i2c driver
      ASoC: Fix an error path in neo1973_wm8753
      ASoC: Convert neo1973/lm4857 to a new-style i2c driver

Jonas Bonn (12):
      ALSA: Drop device registration from lm4857 driver
	--> To upstream
      ALSA: Keep reference to lm4857 i2c_client for write_regs
	--> To upstream
      ALSA: Cleanup WM8753 driver after switch to i2c driver model
	--> To upstream
      GTA01: Do I2C device registration in machine setup code
	--> To upstream
      GTA02: Fixups
      Drop FIQ dependency for GTA01 configuration.
      Fix build warning
      Fix build warnings that depend on machine configuration
      ALSA: Add widgets before setting endpoints
	--> To upstream
      GTA01: replace mutex with spinlock in neo1973_vib_vib_set
      GTA02: Fix WM8753 device registration
      ALSA: Drop wm8753_setup_data as it is no longer used.
	--> To upstream

Mark Brown (3): (These are cherry picks from topic/asoc)
      ASoC: Fix build of GTA01 audio driver
      ASoC: Allow machine drivers to mark pins as not connected
      ASoC: Use snd_soc_dapm_nc_pin() in GTA01 audio driver

Rob Sims (1): (This fixes my sound problems! Thanks Rob!)
      ALSA: Set correct name for rec mixer output

I took the liberty of including Rob Sims patch here, as well as taking the GTA02 fix 
that Andy applied to my patches earlier.

Hope this is all good this time.  It compiles and runs cleanly for me, on my ___GTA01___!!!


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