[PATCH] Fix build with no CONFIG_MMC.

Thomas White taw27 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Oct 2 00:23:36 CEST 2008

Andy Green <andy at openmoko.com> wrote:

> Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> > I hit this when updating to 2.6.26.  Also if CONFIG_MMC is enabled
> > this patch converts this horrible horrible hack into a horrible
> > hack by using dev->resume() (untested).
> Thanks for that, it is much neater.  Sent it on to stable.

I find that this patch causes resume not to work, reproducibly, on my
GTA02.  That is to say:  I was trying to build a kernel from the tip of
the 'stable' branch and ran into  problems (unresponsive black screen
when trying to resume via the power button). I did a 'git bisect' and
isolated it to this commit, and reverting this commit (only) caused the
problem to go away for me.

Is it possible that "dev->resume()" is not properly initialised somehow?
As far as I can see, this patch isn't meant to be anything more than a
tidy-up.  I'd love to have a go at tracking this down myself, but my
weekend reading on Linux Kernel Development is still in the post from



Thomas White
Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
Electron Microscopy Group (PhD Student)
University of Cambridge / Downing College

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