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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Mike (mwester) wrote:
|> Dunno.  Sadly, user-space has splintered into several different images,
|> with variants on those (someone mentioned eight distinct images the
|> other day)
| Urgh :-(

One of the happiest things I saw on GTA02 was Debian.  I think it is
great that folks are learning and driving things their own way with
multiple distros instead of "Openmoko Windows XP" only.  Over time
they'll converge on the better stuff.

|> And if none of the above makes any sense, I've just proven how confusing
|> this all is to me!
| It seems that we all agree that the APM interface should go. That's

Someone needs to test that the "apm" applet that folks are using in
userspace does not actually need APM emulation in kernel.  It kinda
sounds like they should be related.

Why don't you cook a kernel with the APM emulation unconfigured, and
test it?

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