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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| Werner Almesberger wrote:
|> Andy Green wrote:
|>> One of the happiest things I saw on GTA02 was Debian.  I think it is
|>> great that folks are learning and driving things their own way with
|>> multiple distros instead of "Openmoko Windows XP" only.  Over time
|>> they'll converge on the better stuff.
|> Oh, I'm very happy about a diverse user space as well.
|> It just scares me if they're diverging on the basic system interfaces.
|> I wonder if we can do better than shrug it off as an inevitable
|> consequence of using many different languages and IPC mechanisms.
| Personally I don't think we can simply shrug it off.  My feeling is that
|  some of the different images do represent true diversity and reflect
| the vision that excited me about Openmoko.  But another set of them
| merely reflect the intense frustration of the community with the
| perceived slow progress and the unexpected shifts in the
| Openmoko-developed userspace.

That does seem to be the case both ways.

| Some wiki topics that might help out could include the correct and
| supported ways to:
| - read and interpret battery and charging status
| - power on/off, reset, and initialize the GSM
| - handle the wifi interface during suspend/resume
| - deal with USB gadgetfs
| - correctly signal low-battery to the user
| etc.

Sure, ideally the OM distro should be the reference implementation for
these and it wouldn't hurt to document how they work.

| By-the-way, along with this, it would be nice if we also documented the
| "standard" kernel config that all distros should try to match.  I can
| understand why there might be divergence in needs in early development,
| but it sure would be nice if we could all have the same kernel.  Or if I

What do you have in mind for "documented", over the defconfigs provided
in the git tree?

| am permitted to dream, wouldn't it be even better if we had a single
| master ipkg repo for kernel and kernel modules, and all distros used that?

One day if we're lucky we'll have RPM-based distros like Fedora too or
some other packaging.  But I guess you are right and many distros would
prefer to not have to deal with the kernel, and should be able to re-use
an "official" package if for no other reason than making their life easier.

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